Amazing Shampoo
Mehul Trivedi, 14 June 2019
First of all you guys are doing grt job. Keep it up. Now coming to point I have recently used the Water Lily & Citrus Leaf Shampoo at Renaissance Ahmedabad and I'm big fan of it now. Issue is I cannot find anywhere it online to order. Can someone please tell me how can I order it?

Loved the Scent
Gina Miller, 12 June 2019
I greatly enjoy your products. I had the pleasure of using your products while staying at the Royal Orchid Suites in Bangalore, India back in January of this year. Your products are very much appreciated. I loved the scent of your products and the quality of your products. Please advise, how may I order some of your products for personal use?

Badly in Love with the Shampoo
Priyanka Chauhan, 6 June 2019
I used Inara products in the hotel beleza by beach in Goa and i am badly in love with the shampoo, so please can i know where I can buy it.

Loved the Shampoo and Conditioner Smell
Hannah Abraham, 6 June 2019
I recently used your products during my stay at Marriot Kochi. I really loved the shampoo and the conditioner and it smells amazing. I would like to know if I can buy it for my personal use.

Fell in Love with Body Lotion
Monica Lewallen, 28 May 2019
My husband and I had a wonderful time on vacation at Fairmont Jaipur and fell in love with your body lotion. Are we able to purchase the neroli and lemon zest hand and body lotion directly from you?

Extremely Happy with Quality
Anji Gupta, 26 May 2019
I just came across your products while my visit in Le Meridien hotel Mahabaleshwar. I am extremely happy with your products range and quality. Want to order these products for regular use. Can you please help in where to buy or order these products?

The soap is Excellent
Sujith K. S, 18 May 2019
I used your Inara soap at Marriott hotel in Cochin. The soap is good quality and good smell. I really loved this product.

Loved your Shampoo & Conditioner.
Priya G, 17 May 2019
I've been staying at the Marriott Suites in Pune and love your shampoo and conditioner. Is there any way for me to purchase these for personal use?

Impressed with Amenities
Mathan G, 6 May 2019
I am impressed with the body wash, shampoo & body lotion during my stay at Marriott Jaipur & I wish to buy the product of Inara water lily & citrus leaf pack.

Loved your Soap
Eddy Rivera, 6 May 2019
I was recently in St. Martin and at the hotel I was staying, they had your Inara soap and I absolutely loved it, was wondering if there's any place online where I can buy the soap?

Love all the products
Dr George Jose, 5 May 2019
Just wanted to know if your toiletry products are available online, I had visited Marriott hotel recently where I had experienced your products and was thinking of ordering your products on a regular basis. It would be great if you could guide me on how to go about it.

Excellent Shampoo
Dr. Nishant Sinha, 30 April 2019
It's from Ranchi Jharkhand, I have stayed in a hotel at Bangalore and got your product specially the shampoo and have really liked it. Sir/ ma'am could you please let me know how can I get them for my personal usage at home please do this favor for me.

Aroma of Inara Products
Priyanka Kirodian, 11 April 2019
Firstly, I would like to congratulate and appreciate as I just loved the aroma of your products they are simply amazing and I’m one of the fan of the Inara products. I have used this product in Renaissance Hotel, Powai.

Inara at home
Christeen Vakkachan
I used your products from Cochin Marriott Hotel and i loved it. Can you please send me five set of soap, shampoo, conditioner, shower fell and body lotions to my address.

Fell in love with the Inara products
Asha Natarajan, 27 Feb 2019
I recently stayed at the Renaissance in Bombay and fell in love with the Inara products. Is there any possible way for an individual in the U.S. to purchase your products?

Shampoo & conditioner - suit my hair really well
Adhish Parasa, 23 Feb 2019
Can you please guide me where I can buy your products (shampoo & conditioner - neroli). I've used them at Radisson Udaipur Resort & Spa and I've found this to suit my hair really well.

Handmade Clear Soap
Lucila Zamorano, 14 Feb 2019
I would like to Know how I can order some of the soap INARA Neroli and Lemon Zest Handmade Clear Soap. Please inform me, thank you so much

Intrested in purchasing shampoo
Ekta Taneja, 13 Feb 2019
I have used your product during my last stay at Bangalore in Oakwood Hotel. I am really interested to purchase your product shampoo. Pls revert procedure and rate.

Products smells so delicious
Kathy Jones, 13 Feb 2019
I have to know whether you sell your products as retail direct to consumers. Your lotion that Le Meridien Goa carries smells so delicious.

Amazed with your Products
Lokesh Andhe, 11 Feb 2019
I Stayed at the Marriot in Hyderabad . I loved the entire products they provided. They are awesome. Could you please let me know where can I buy your products for daily use at home.

Love your Shampoo and Conditioner
Srilakshmi Rameshwaram, 23 Jan 2019
I love your products .I used shampoo and conditioner. They are awesome. Could you please let me know where can I buy your products for daily use at home.

Really impressed with Inara
Mitalee Mithal, 21 Jan 2019
I recently happened to use your products on my visit to Le Meridian hotel, Jaipur and I am really impressed with the results of your range 'Inara'. I was wondering if the product range is available for retail, for two reasons. One, having liked your product range so much, I would like to write my opinions about it and share it through my blogging platform and two, I would love using them on a regular basis for my skin care regime. Also, I would love to know about other products that fall under your product category.

Liked the quality and aroma of the product
Rushabh Shah, 14 Jan 2019
I have visited hotel Raddisson blue Udaipur and I have seen and used your bathroom essential products like shampoo and conditioner as well as moisturizer of neroli and lemon zest flavor. I like all that products very much and specifically quality and the aroma that these products have.... It's amazing...

Loved the Shampoo & Conditioner
Amy Gilliam, 20 Dec 2018
I visited India and stayed at the Mariott in Whitefield. I loved the shampoo and conditioner they provided. The hotel said they use INARA by Forest Essentials. Is there any way to order this product and ship to the US for an individual? I LOVED the smell....

Amazed with your product
Dipesh Ranparea, Gujarat, 21 Dec 2018
I am a good traveller in India as well as abroad. Last week i was in Bengaluru and stayed in Oakwood Hotel in UB Mall. I was so amazed with your product that I had to ask them to give me few like the shower Gel, Lotion and Soap. They were really good you may not get a big order from me as I am not a Hotelier. Could you please tell me where can I find your products specially Neroli & Lemon Zest.

Body wash and hand lotion are just phenomenal
Vedika Goenka, 8 Oct 2018
Hi, I recently visited a resort where your toiletries and other wellbeing products were offered to the guests. Generally, I never used products from unknown brands. However, your lemon and Neroli body wash and hand cream are just phenomenal. I just can't get over how nourishing and gentle they were on my skin. I 100% love them. So I just want to say, you guys doing a great job and your products are definitely top quality. Also, I do have a small request to make. I googled you and I know you don't retail your products but would it be possible for me to avail them as an individual consumer? If yes, can I please get the price and other details?

Impressed with the Body Talc
Jaysheel Hazarat, Mumbai, 30 July 2018
I have been at the Khyber Hotel, Gulmarg recently, I was very impressed with the bathroom accessories, particularly the Body Talc by Inara, Citrus Zest. I am keen to know if I can order this talcum powder in larger packaging for my own personal use.

Effective Products
Jasreet Kaur, Indore, 2 July 2018
I am having very sensitive skin while I went to goa i used product of Inara and I feel very comfortable with it i try to get the product over there and everywhere due to my skin is glowing and feel oily after using it product so I want to know how I get the product and from to where I can buy all products.

Loved your products
Glen Sequeira, 18 June 2018
I have used your neroli and lemon zest shampoo and also your conditioner at barefoot resort in Havelock a year ago. I loved your products and intend to buy some of the products for personal use. Are your products available at any retailers specially in Mumbai?

Enjoyed your products
Anisha Masand, Mumbai, 17 Mar 2018
Hi, I came across your products at Sula Vineyards, Nasik and enjoyed using them. I live in Mumbai and wanted to know how to go about ordering/purchasing Inara products for my personal use. How & where to buy your products Thanking in anticipation. A very very very happy customer.

INARA products in Dubai
Charles Antony, Dubai, 25 Jan 2018
Good day, I wanted to know if your products are available in Dubai or UAE. I recently used your Moisturizing Tangerine-Orchid Body Lotion and hand soap at a hotel in Royal Orchid, Mysore

Very comfortable on sensitive skin
Seema Patel, 19 Nov 2017
I am having very sensitive skin while I went to goa i used product of Inara and I feel very comfortable with it i try to get the product over there and everywhere due to my skin is glowing and feel oily after using it product so I want to know how I get the product and from to where I can buy all products.

Clear Glycerine Soap is fantastic
Amit Chaudhari, Mumbai, 20 Sep 2017
I was at Hotel Alila Diwa GOA , over there used The GLYCERIN SOAP , need to tell you it is a Fantastic Product and Super impressed With its Quality ...Kindly let me know where can we buy your products MUMBAI.

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